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Family and Friends

Czeslaw Slania has made a number of non-postal labels (in perforated stamp format).  Many of these labels - Slania himself prefers to call them "posters" - were produced as personal favours by Slania for the honoured individuals, and given to them for their private use or distribution to their friends.  Therefore, in some cases there is no supply of them available to collectors.  They are printed in various colours for any one image, so it is impossible to make a complete listing of these labels.  

Czeslaw Slania has engraved self portraits for at least two occasions:

  • Above a self-portrait of Slania, issued in three different colours at the occasion of his 60th birthday on 22th October 1981. 

This portrait has been used on a piece of Polish postal stationery (right), issued at the occasion of his 75th birthday.  The cachet shows a fragment of his engraving of the Battle at Grunwald after a painting by Jan Matejko.


Count Lennart Bernadotte, and countess Sonia are in no way family related with Slania, but they are some of his closest friends, and Slania has done a number of private engraving works for the couple, who live at the Mainau Castle in Southern Germany.

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