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Slania's Chinese Signatures
by Chong Meng, Singapore, June 2002

This short review of Slania's Chinese signatures tries to put some order to the way his signature changed over the years. The first table tries to make some sense of the changes that took place in his Chinese signatures, and the second table are copies of his Chinese signatures used from 1976 to 1997.

Slania's name is made up of 4 Chinese characters.  There are 6 known specimens of his signature in Chinese, although the last is probably not used.  Please read below.

A blow-up of the printed signature from the bottom left corner of the Mao-Label 1976.

The actual signatures used by Slania are shown in the below table.

While Slania brought to my attention the gradual change from Slania to Suwania, I am not sure if he has autographed for anyone using Specimens 3 and 4.  

However, I had the honour of giving a template on how to write the new versions of his name - so who knows he might have practiced writing them. With his more frequent visits to Asia, and his having expressed a love to come out here, I am sure there must be lots of his Chinese signatures floating around. (He had long autograph sessions in China during the Sweden Joint issue launch.)

While specimen 5 was discussed, he did not make a copy of it so - it is unlikely you will see this anywhere unless he is better in Chinese than I thought.  If anyone has some philatelic material with his Chinese autograph, it would be appreciated if you could scan a picture for me.  

Singapore, June 15, 2002
Chong Meng 

Addendum 17th February 2003 

The last time I wrote something about the Chinese signature Slania used, I uploaded a short table of the various signatures he was using as he moved from "Slania" to "Suania". 

Well, after our chat in August 2001, I forgot that Slania actually did start to use signature 4.  

He signed a card using both his romanised shortened signature and a Chinese signature type 4 during the Hafnia01 occasion in Stockholm,  I have uploaded this card and an enlarged signature.  The card was sent to me by Thomas of Atlas Häftes.  He met Slania who offered to autograph the card using his "latest" Chinese signature.  He sure is quick to use that he has decided to change!!

Singapore, February 17th, 2003
Chong Meng 

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