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Rowland Hill Award

On April 18, 2007, a British collector, Glenn Morgan, has sent an image of Sir Rowland Hill, reportedly engraved by Czeslaw Slania. Mr. Morgan writes in his accompanying email to me: 

In Britain, Royal Mail hosted an annual event for several years entitled The Rowland Hill Awards. I was fortunate enough to be nominated on three or four occasions for my philatelic organising involvement. 

In the early days (2000, for example) winners and nominated entrants received a certificate that incorporated the engraving portion of the UK Rowland Hill Communications issue stamp, as engraved by "The Great Man" (met him in London and Toronto - what a lovely person he was). 

I attach a scan of the engraving close-up and the whole certificate. My copy is encased in a sealed frame and I am not keen on taking it apart to scan, so the image is as good as I can get with my digital camera and has been shot through the glass. Still, it will give you an idea of the item. 

Winners also received a slate award with a die of the same head on the top. Unfortunately, by the time I won they had changed to an acrylic award and that did not depict Slania's work! I have a photograph of the award somewhere, but cannot trace it today. When I find it, I shall email it across. Hope this is interesting as I have not seen it mentioned anywhere before". 

Great Britain 1995. Sir Rowland Hill.

A close-up of the engraved portion is uploaded here for your viewing pleasure by gracious permission of Mr. Morgan. 

Close-up of the engraved portion of the Rowland Hill Award.

And here are images of the certificate and the blank formula. 

Rowland Hill Award Certificate

Mr. Morgan informs, that the certificates were all on hand-made paper and the engraving was done one-by-one. They are rumoured to have cost a great deal of money! 

Rowland Hill Award Certificate Blank Formula

Thank you very much, Glenn, and congratulations to your precious award :-) 


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