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Czeslaw Slania's hobby from his youth - the engraving of miniatures - became later his professional work, but his work became also his hobby, perhaps the most happy combination a man can wish for his life.  

During the years 1957-1962, while Slania "only" worked in Stockholm with retouching other engravers' works, he kept his mind and hand agile by engraving a series of labels in stamp format, portraying the most famous actresses of the period.  Looking at these beautiful miniatures it is obvious that his engraving technique never faded, in spite of the very little professional work he did at this time.  These labels were produced as personal favours to the persons honoured, and given to them for their private use or distribution to their friends.  Therefore, in some cases there is no supply of them available to collectors.

There exists also a label, depicting the entertainer and singer Elvis Presley, engraved 1977.  If any visitor to this site possesses this label, I will be very grateful to receive a scan for display on this site, with full credits to the owner.

Having engraved these ultra feminine portraits the leap to similar ultra masculine portraits was not big, and he engraved later the large series of the Heavy-Weight Champions.

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