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Over time a number of postmarks honouring Czeslaw Slania have appeared.  It all started in The United States in 1991, when Slania's 40th anniversary of philatelic engraving was celebrated at the same time he had his 70th birthday. 

The stamp on the cover is Scott # 2036, issued 1983 and featuring the Bicentenary of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between USA and Sweden in 1783. 

The stamp is - naturally - engraved by Czeslaw Slania and - given Slania's Swedish background - is very appropriate for the occasion.

Slania's famous 1000th engraving, issued by Sweden on 17th March 2000, has its own postmark featuring Slania's burin, as shown on the cover.

  • Sweden 2000.  Slania's 1000th engraving "The Great Deeds of The Swedish Kings".  

The next postmarks appeared in 2001 in Poland.  The below postmarks are issued by local philatelic associations, and are not official.

At the Winnipeg-exhibition in Canada 6-16 October 2002, featuring in particular Czeslaw Slania and his work, this postmark was issued. The cachet is the well known image from the United Nations stamps (offices in Vienna and New York) issued in 1986, where Slania depicts himself as a stamp collector. 

Unfortunately Canada has never issued any stamps engraved by Slania, so there is a selection of Canadian stamps on the cover to pay for domestic postage.  A nice souvenir from the exhibition.

Many thanks to Mr. Jan Prygoda (The Netherlands) for providing images of the Polish postmarks, to Mr. Todd Ronnei (USA) for providing the image of the US-postmark, and to Mr. Jerzy Krysiak (Sweden) for proof reading of the unofficial Polish postmarks.  A special thank you to Mr. Richard Wegrzyn (Australia) for submitting the 75th birthday card for this site.  

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