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New Zealand 1994

The only stamp Czeslaw Slania has designed for New Zealand is of extreme beauty.
Please note Slania's signature on the selvedge of the stamp. 

This is the largest and highest value stamp issued by New Zealand.  Includes gold foil on watermarked phosphor-coated paper. 

Mt. Cook is New Zealand's highest mountain at 3700 meters and is also called Aorangi ("The cloud piercer" in Maori).  

The design also shows the New Zealand flag, with the Union Jack in the upper left corner and the four stars of the Southern Cross to the right; flowers of the kowhai tree and the branch of a ponga tree-fern, both national symbols of New Zealand. Across the top of the stamp is a traditional design used by Maori on rafters, doors & windows.  As well as an elaborate watermark, the stamp has the New Zealand Post and their logo, printed on the face of the stamp as a security measure. These words are visible when the stamp is held obliquely to the light.

The stars on the New Zealand flag are not a “true” cross, they fall at the relative positions of the stars Acrux, Mimosa, Gacrux and delta Crucis, and as such the “crossbar” doesn’t intersect the upright at 90 degrees. 

Date of issue 18 February 1994.
Designed by Heather Arnold.
Engraved by Csezlaw Slania. 

For the visitors' pleasure Mr. Mark Hancox (New Zealand) has provided the below images and stamps, showing details of the Kowhai and the Ponga (Silver Fern).  Please note that the Kowhai-stamps are NOT engraved by Czeslaw Slania.



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