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Marshall Islands 2001

Scott # 770

Scott # 771

Please note that the selvedge is of different size in the two sheets.  


Please note that the First Day Covers are available in two varieties:  a "local cancellation" in Majuro on the Marshall Islands, and an "exhibition cancellation" from Tucson AZ.  The cancel as such of either variety shows Slania's signature and the date of issue.  The cachet on each of the covers is an enlarged drawing of the stamp. Above is shown the official First Day Cover of the 5-dollar value, cancelled in Majuro. 

Of the three specific types of Marshallese canoes -- Walap, Tipnol and kor kor -- the Walap was the largest sailing canoe, measuring up to 100 feet and capable of transporting as many as 50 passengers.  Powered by ails of finely-plaited matting, these impressive vessels were specially built for ocean travel.  According to the strength of the wind, one or more crew members acted as the craft's ballast by standing on a raised platform built between the outrigger decking and the side of the canoe.  The Walap is a superb example of the Marshallese shipbuilder's art.  

Historically, Walap canoes were regularly used to sail between the 1,225 islands, scattered over one million square miles, which comprise the Marshalls.  Distinctive to the Atoll of Enewetak, the Walap performed admirably and reflects the revival of traditional canoe building in the Marshall Islands.

Herb Kawainui Kane (pronounced KAH-ney), a living treasure of Hawaii and renowned Pacific cultures artist, created the original paintings for this Marshallese stamp featuring the sailing canoe Walap.  Kane is a designer of numerous postage stamps, including stamps for the United States, Marshall Islands, French Polynesia and Federated States of Micronesia.  

These are the first engraved stamps issued by the Marshall Islands Postal Service.  They were printed by the Swedish Post Office Stamp Printing House in Kista, Sweden, in one color each by intaglio.  

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