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Joint Issue Australia-Sweden

On 16th August 2001 Sweden and Australia released a joint issue, engraved by Czeslaw Slania, featuring the Swedish botanist Daniel Solander (1733-1782).  The Swedish stamps were engraved by Lars Sj÷÷blom, and the Australian stamps by Czeslaw Slania.  There is a distinct difference between the two engravings.

He was born in Piteň Gammelstad in the northernmost part of Sweden.  After studies at the University of Uppsala (Sweden) under the auspices of Carl von LinnÚ, he was sent to England to teach the Systema Naturae, LinnÚ's system for classification of plants, animals and minerals.  

Solander is better known abroad than in Sweden, and several different public squares have been named after him, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, where he is considered the Father of Pacific Botany.  Already in 1914 a stately monument featuring him was inaugurated in Botany Bay in Australia. 

Solander also travelled to Iceland for professional researches, and at his death in 1782, he worked with British Museum in London.


Stamp design is by Melinda Coombes, Melbourne.
Stamp engraving is by Czeslaw Slania, Stockholm.
The stamps are printed in Sweden (intaglio and colour offset).
Cover design is by Belinda Marshall, Australia Post Design Studio. 

Solander came in contact with the reputed botanist Joseph Banks, and through his friendship with Banks he had the opportunity to accompany him on Captain James Cook's journey of discovery 1768-1771 on Endeavour.  The eastern coast of Australia was sighted on 19th April 1770.  At Botany Bay the two botanists were able to go ashore and gather hundreds of new plants.  Their next major landfall was at Endeavour River in northern Queensland.  Although now remembered as Cook's voyage, at the time it was Banks and Solander who received popular acclaim.  Newspapers were full of stories of their exploits and the two men were presented to the King.  The specimens they brought back incited a great deal of interest.  


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