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Hong Kong

In October 2003 Hong Kong was added to Czeslaw Slania's list of clients as country No. 39.  There are now 32 individual "stamp-countries" and 7 individual "banknote-countries" on the list.  Some countries appear in both lists. 

On 4th October 2003 Hong Kong and Sweden issued jointly a set of four stamps that immortalize the natural beauty and graceful movements and gestures of waterbirds in Hong Kong and Sweden.  The stamps are based on the drawings by the Swedish ornithologist and artist, Dan Zetterström.  The stamps were issued in panes of 25 of each of the four face values + a booklet containing two miniature sheets of four different se-tenant stamps, each with elliptical security perforations on the vertical sides.  The individual values are: HK-dollars 1.40, HK-dollars 2.40,  HK-dollars 3.00, and HK-dollars 5.00. 

The stamps are printed in Sweden on paper with security fibres by Sweden Post Stamps, and processed in intaglio and lithography.  The birds shown on the stamps are:

Scott # 1052 - 1055

The official First Day Cover, issued jointly by both countries, is printed in Sweden, and carries a sheet of both countries' issues.  The cachet is a mirrored image of the second stamp of the sheets, the Horned Grebe.  On the cover's lower right corner is the embossed logo of Post Sweden.  The cover is signed by Czeslaw Slania. 

The cancels that cover only the stamps, but do not appear elsewhere on the cover, are shown in detail to the left.  

Further Post Sweden has issued an artistic portfolio containing the following items:

Click here to see the corresponding Sweden-issue  

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