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People's Republic of China 1997

The postal administrations of the People's Republic of China and the Kingdom of Sweden signed an agreement to jointly issue a set of two stamps entitled "Rare Birds" with pheasants as their theme, on May 9, 1997.  The total face value is 590 fen.  The stamps are respectively entitled "Chinese Copper Pheasant" and "Common Pheasant".  

Both birds belong to the pheasant family of the Galliformes, sub-family Phasianidae. They are elegant with beautiful plumage.  They feed on grain, berries, seeds and insects.  They prefer walking to flying.  

Scott # 2763 

Scott # 2764

Here is a close-up of the postmark from the FDC.  See also the FDC below.  There are four Chinese characters on the postmark. The two on the top read as "zhen ching" meaning rare bird(s), the bottom two following the date (1997.5.9) read as "zhong kouk" meaning China.  Therefore, the postmark doesn't specify the place where it was issued.  (Information by Ian Rocoto on the Philatelic Newsgroup rec.collecting.stamps.discuss,  June 11, 2003).

The above description is taken from the reverse side of the official FDC.   

Many thanks to Mr. Richard Lam (Singapore) for the information about the postmark and cancellation. 

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