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Books, articles and other references

The following individuals (in alphabetical order) have contributed to this site with research, comments, images and more.  I thank them all heartily; without their constant input and encouragement this site would never have been compiled and put online.   

  • Jerry Abern, USA 
  • Pierre Albuisson, France
  • Alberto Aletto, Italy
  • Richard Babin, Canada 
  • Rein B. v.d. Brink, Holland
  • Tracy Barber, USA 
  • Gerhard Batz, Germany
  • Paul Bischoff, Denmark
  • Henk Burgman, Holland
  • John Campbell, N. Zealand
  • Chong Meng, Singapore
  • Pierre Courtiade, France
  • Michael Curl, Great Britain 
  • A. Domaradzky, Australia
  • Gerry Fisk, Great Britain
  • Lars Gabrielsson, Sweden
  • Adam Gigiel, USA
  • Manfred GŲrgen, Germany
  • Mark Hancox, N. Zealand
  • Zvi Har'El, Israel 
  • Bob Ingraham, Canada 
  • Virgis Jaras, Lithuania 
  • Erik Jensen, Denmark
  • Paul Kobialka, USA
  • Zbigniew Krawczyk, USA 
  • Joshua Kreitzer, USA 
  • Jerzy Krysiak, Sweden
  • Richard Lam, Singapore
  • John Larson, USA
  • Roy Lingen, Canada
  • Tom Lintern-Mole, England
  • Stig LÝvenkrands, Denmark
  • Jean de Maeght, Belgium
  • Jose Maldonado, Spain
  • Douglas Myall, Great Britain
  • Paul Nelson, USA
  • Toke Norby, Denmark 
  • Lars Nyberg, Sweden  
  • Victoriano M.  Ortiz, Spain 
  • Ron Pearson, USA
  • Mario Petretti, Italy
  • Stephan Pomp, Sweden
  • Jan Prygoda, Holland  
  • Floyd Rehling, USA
  • Todd Ronnei, USA 
  • Tony Servies, USA 
  • Reinh. Schwabe, Germany 
  • Harold Short, USA 
  • Jay Smith, USA
  • Blair Stannard, Canada
  • Tony Vella, Canada 
  • R.Vlaardingerbroek, Holland
  • Knud Wacher, Faeroe Isls.  
  • Richard Wegrzyn, Australia  

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