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Canada is the 38th country that has profited from Czeslaw Slania's exquisite burin.  

The $5 note was issued on March 27, 2002. It is the second in the new series of bank notes called Canadian Journey. This new series features themes that celebrate Canada's history, culture, and achievements. The portrait features Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who was Canada's first French-Canadian Prime Minister, and held office from 1896 to 1911. He was born in St. Lin, Quebec, on 20 November 1841, and died on 17 February 1919.  

On 17th March 2004 Canada has issued a 100$ banknote featuring a portrait of Sir Robert Borden, Canada's Prime Minister 1911-1920. 

Borden led the country during the First World War and successfully promoted Canadian interests during the treaty negotiations that followed it. In the realm of international affairs, Prime Minister Borden enhanced Canada's diplomatic reputation and status as a sovereign nation.  

Rumours have it that also the 50$ banknote issued on 17th November 2004 was done by Mr. Slania. A letter to Mr. Jerzy Krysiak (Sweden), dated 13th January 2005 disproves the rumour, stating that the 50$-note was completed by resources at B.A. International Inc.  

The engravings of the 10- and 20$-notes in the same series were completed by Mr. Jorge Peral, Artistic Director for the Canadian Bank Note Company.  

Many thanks to Mr. Jerzy Krysiak (Sweden) and Mr. Zbigniew Krawczyk (USA) for the above information.   

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Images of the banknotes displayed on this page are copyrighted by Bank of Canada, Ottawa.  Permission to show the above banknotes on this website is kindly granted by Bank of Canada,  by email dated 1st February 2005.  These banknotes may NOT be downloaded and reproduced on any other website without the prior written consent of Bank of Canada.  

I take no responsibility or undertake no liability as to legal actions eventually taken by Bank of Canada in the case of violation of these restrictions.  


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