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About the Author

Ann Mette Heindorff
author and Webmaster

My husband and best friend
through more than 30 years

I was born in 1942 and live in Denmark in the Copenhagen-area together with my husband through a lifetime, Poul Heindorff.  Given, that I become younger and younger (at least in mind!) by each birthday, I have uploaded a photograph of myself from my young youth :-)

I have been a stamp collector since childhood, in the beginning as a general collector, but in later years mostly as a topical collector, particularly in arts on stamps and Czeslaw Slania's Engravings.

Through Aarhus Philatelist Klub, membership # 101155, I am a member of the Danish Philatelic Federation.  Further I am a member of the Czeslaw Slania Study Group (member # 477).  The Study Group is not online.  I am a life member (# 1930) of the American Topical Association, and member of the Philatelic Computing Study Group (member # 1853).  Finally I am a member of various virtual stamp clubs.

Czeslaw Slania Study Group
Member No. 477

Aarhus Philatelist Klub
Member No. 101155

American Topical Association
Member No. 53062-6 

Founder and Member of the
Slania Engravings Discussion Group on Yahoo 

Philatelic Computing Study Group
Member No. 1853

Apart from stamps I am very interested in arts, music, modern literature, and computer technology.  I like jogging in the woods and swimming.  

In my young youth I was employed in the Danish Foreign Service and travelled the world as such for seven years, working permanently in Danish embassies abroad.  I usually say that I travelled the world, not like Jules Verne in 80 days, but in 80 months :)  

Other than Danish I speak English.  I am retired. 

Postscript: Ann Mette Heindorff passed away April 1, 2009. This site will be maintained in her memory.

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