George Washington First Day Mega-Combo

Since the inception of U.S. postage stamps in 1847, George Washington has been a mainstay--so much so that there has hardly been a time that a Washington stamp was not currently available from the post office. The current Washington stamp is a 23 variety that serves a dual purpose: it's the current postcard rate as well as the rate for each additional ounce beyond the first ounce on first-class mail. When that stamp was issued in coil and booklet form in 2002, I took the opportunity to create the mother of all first day combination "covers," with stamps from three different centuries.

Washington FDC

The card with the engraved portrait of our first president was purchased from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C. To that card I added the following stamps:
Benjamin Franklin's tercentenary is coming up in 2006, and Abraham Lincoln's bicentennial is in 2009, so I'm looking forward to making suitable companions for George.