The Birth of Churchill

November 30, 1874

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born November 30, 1874 at Blenheim Palace, home of his grandfather the 7th Duke of Marborough. His birth was unexpected; his mother went into labor after "a rather imprudent & rough drive in a pony carriage." Despite the circumstances of his premature birth, the infant Churchill was "wonderfully pretty" with "dark eyes and hair & v[er]y healthy."

Day of Birth

This London cover is postmarked on the day of Churchill's birth, November 30, 1874. The folded letter to Copenhagen was received there on December 2nd.

Close-up of the stamp and postmark.
I spent years searching for a British cover of this date.

Centennial of Birth

This cover was postmarked at Blenheim on the 100th anniversary of Churchill's birth.

125th Birth Anniversary

Postmarked at Blenheim, SC, November 30, 1999.