2002 Churchill Covers

Covers created by Todd Ronnei during 2002 include anniversary covers and first day covers with a Churchill theme.

Accession of Queen Elizabeth II

King George VI succumbed to lung cancer on February 6, 1952, and his daughter Elizabeth became the new monarch. This is a first day cover for one of the stamps marking the 50th anniversary of Elizabeth's accession, with a quote from Churchill incorporated into the first day postmark.

The following day Churchill addressed the nation and the commonwealth on the King's death. He ended his speech on an upbeat note, saying he was again proud to be able to say "God Save the Queen!" This cover marks the 50th anniversary of the speech.

U.S. Navy Destroyer Centennial

The year 2002 marked the 100th anniversary United States Navy destroyers, and one of the Navy's newest and most advanced destroyers is the USS Winston S. Churchill, launched in Bath, Maine in 1999. This cover was postmarked in Bath on Navy Day 2002.

Another destroyer centennial cover, this one postmarked in Norfolk, Virginia. The USS Winston S. Churchill was commissioned in Norfolk in 2001.

Alamein Victory 60th Anniversary

The turning point for Britain in World War II was Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery's offensive at El Alamein, Egypt, which resulted in the expulsion of the German-Italian forces under the German General Erwin Rommel, first from Egypt and then from Cyrenaica and Tripolitania in Libya. Churchill later said, "Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat." This cover marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the battle, postmarked in London with a special Montgomery Road postmark.

Acknowledgments: My thanks to Ian Billings of Norfolk, England, who did a great job in servicing all the British covers, and to Richard H. Knight, Jr. of Nashville, Tennessee, who supplied some of the stamps used in these covers.