Winston Churchill Memorial Issue First Day Covers
May 13, 1965

Miscellaneous Item 16


This FDC is a forgery. It appears to have a Crown Agents cachet, used for the British Commonwealth Churchill omnibus issue of 1966. But since that cachet is not known on covers before 1966, it's not possible for it to have been used in May 1965. And it's obvious that the cachet is not original, when the forgery on the left is compared to a genuine Crown Agents cachet on the right:

cachet      cachet      

An original Crown Agents FDC uses a cotton bond envelope, whereas the forgery is plain white paper.

Further evidence of this cover's bogus status is the postmark. Note that the postmark on the stamp does not match the postmark on the envelope, which is very evident with the "A" of "DAY."


Why would someone attempt such fakery? Who did they think they would deceive with such shoddy work?

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