Winston Churchill Memorial Issue First Day Covers
May 13, 1965

Mellone #42

 Texas Refinery Corp. Cachet


Another promotional first day cover, this one from Texas Refinery Corp. of Fort Worth, Texas. TRC sent these covers to its "advisors" (sales force) in the field. The letter inside from "Percy," the TRC cartoon mascot, is addressed to the advisor's secretary and makes its pitch in a folksy (and sexist) way:

letter To the "Private Secretary" Of Our TRC Advisor

Dear Pretty Lady...

Did I get this First Day Cover past your "boss" ?


Because I got a message for your shell-pink ears. And I know it's hard to get a First Day Cover away from Advisors who use them to close those money-makin' TRC Orders.

While the First Day of Issue postage on this Cover has nothin' to do with the message I've got for you, still you'll be interested in lettin' your Advisor guy have it and lettin' him know that it commemorates that wonderful man, Sir Winston Churchill, probably the most outstanding man of the 20th century.

This mailin's comin' to you from Fulton, Missouri because it was there on the campus of Westminster College that Sir Winston made his famous "iron curtain"speech in 1946. His likeness on the stamp itself is based on the famous "Angry Lion" photo by Yousuf Karsh of Ottawa, Canada.

It's a valuable First Day Cover. But nothin' like as valuable as the opportunity your Advisor guy has now to participate in a fabulous Contest offer from Mr. A. B. Canning, President of Texas Refinery Corp.! And that's why YOU are gettin' this private message, because this "Be My Partner" Contest concerns YOUR future -- as well as that of your swell Advisor guy!

I also have TRC covers addressed to Italy (with 3 Churchill stamps) and South Africa (5 stamps).

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