Winston Churchill Memorial Issue First Day Covers
May 13, 1965

Mellone #29

Marg Cachet


Marg cachets were the work of Edmund Shea of Shea Advertising. Marg covers were not generally sold to collectors, but used as advertising by Shea's clients. The letter inside contained a brief message about the stamp or its subject, and sometimes included an advertising pitch for the sender. The letter accompanying the above cover from Union Carbide's Silicones Division is shown below:

letter The grandiloquent text of the letter reads as follows:

"From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent." The words of Winston Churchill at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, March 5, 1946, have characterized the post-war era, as his "Blood, toil, tears and sweat" did a previous one. In the person of Winston Churchill we have a reminder that even in a world which some of our writers persist in viewing as that of the "lonely crowd" and the "mass-man", individual effort can still stand out, that even the best team needs a leader in accomplishment, a leader in spirit.

This stamp is a tribute from our country to this great man. His own land will similarly honor him on May 24, and we will participate in that mailing as well. Stamps are small remembrances of great deeds, but remembrances they are. And I believe that the holding of such examples of individual effort in mind is salutary. It reminds me that Organization Man is still "man", and that success of any organization (whether country or company) depends upon its people.

I have Marg covers and accompanying letters from Honeywell, Inc. (Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts), Diamond Alkali (Canada) Ltd. (Toronto), and Norton Company (Worchester, Massachusetts). It's interesting to note that each letter has completely different text. However, each letter mentions that the recipient should expect another FDC from Great Britain dated May 24. (Britain's Churchill memorial stamps would be postponed until July, which I believe led Shea to scuttle plans to make British FDCs, as I have never encountered one.)

Shea used the same cachet for Australian FDCs, but for some reason created an entirely different cachet for 1966 FDCs from Malta.

Edmund Shea died in 1982.

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