Winston Churchill Memorial Issue First Day Covers
May 13, 1965

Mellone #18

Fluegel Cachet


The bold colors and excellent designs of Fluegel cachets have long made them popular with first day cover collectors. Herman Fluegel began servicing covers in the 1930s. Fluegel employed artists to create cachets for his line of covers. Paul Hubartt was the Fluegel cachet artist from 1952 to 1967.

In the July 15, 2006 issue of First Days, author Steven Altman discusses counterfeit Fluegel covers now on the market. Based on the criteria set forth in the article (chiefly, that the envelope is made from white unwatermarked paper stock), Altman would classify the above cover as a counterfeit. I'm not yet convinced. The cover bears none of the hallmarks of a counterfeit, such as indistinct reproduction of pale colors or uneven spacing of the killer bars in the postmark. What's more, every Fluegel Churchill cover I've examined is identical, and I don't think it likely that every one I've seen is a counterfeit.

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