Winston Churchill Memorial Issue First Day Covers
May 13, 1965

Mellone #13

Colorano Maximum Card


Most collectors know Colorano as the producer of "silk" cachets, which began in 1971. But before silks, Colorano produced maximum card FDCs, and the first one created was for the Churchill stamp. Being the "first cachet" of a well-known producer makes this card desirable to more than just Churchill collectors. The inscription on the back of the card is shown below.

#13 back

NOTE: The Mellone catalog contains an error in the listing of this card. The item illustrated with the listing is not the Colorano card but rather a similar card by the Philatelic Center of New York. Compounding the error, the Colorano card is pictured as item number 50, with the cachetmaker listed as "unknown." I hope this error is corrected in a future edition of the Mellone catalog (should there be one).

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