Winston Churchill Memorial Issue First Day Covers
May 13, 1965

Art Craft Commercial FDC: Ayerst Labs


Drugmaker Ayerst Laboratories of New York City sent customized Art Craft FDCs to its customers. The customization took the form of a tiny return address printed on the back flap and a letter inside.

Return address on back flap, in two versions: the top one is in a serif typeface, while the bottom one uses a sans serif typeface for the address lines. 

Text of letter:

May 13, 1965

Allen J. Hannen, M. D.
441 Market St.
Williamsport, Pa.

Dear Dr. Hannen:

This First Day of Issue Stamp honors the late Sir Winston Churchill and commemorates two historic moments in his epic career.

Twenty five years today, May 13, as German panzer divisions rolled over France pushing allied forces into the sea, Churchill stood in the House of Commons, a bulwark of strength in the face of imminent disaster, and pledged Britain's unflinching determination to wage total war on to ultimate victory - offering nothing but "blood, toil, tears and sweat."

Then it was in Fulton, Missouri, in 1946, that he made his memorable "iron curtain" speech, this time alerting the free nations to the beginning of the Cold War.

Sir Winston was a man who walked with Destiny in his lifetime, who made and shaped the history of a century. No single era could contain him; no category could ever hold him.

Born of an English father and an American mother during Queen Victoria's reign, he served six sovereigns, fought Britain's wars from the cavalry charge to the atomic bomb, and lived to be proclaimed Honorary American Citizen by a unique and special Act of Congress, the most prestigious honor bestowed upon him by a foreign government.

Warrior, statesman, inspiring leader and orator, a man of unconquerable courage and zest for life, Churchill was also a painter of more than ordinary skill. He was a writer who wrote much and well. A consummate master of the English language, his prose had the ring of rolling splendor that is the mark of a literary giant.

On January 24, 1965, Sir Winston passed away in the ripeness of his 90th year. His memory will remain forever enshrined in the hearts of all free men. He was an extraordinaxy and noble man.


W. Boyd O'Connor


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