Winston Churchill Memorial Issue First Day Covers
May 13, 1965

Art Craft Commercial FDC: Applebaum


Applebaum Tag & Label Co. of New York City sent customized Art Craft FDCs to its customers. The customization took the form of the company's address printed on the back flap and a letter to the recipient:

Printed address on back flap:

Text of letter:

May 13, 1965

Mr. Mike Goldman
Electro Knit Fabrics
2201 Neptune Ave.
Brooklyn, N.Y.

It doesn't pay, Mr. Goldman....

.... to throw everything away; did your secretary forget to save the valuable envelope this letter came in?

This stamped envelope, with its First Day cancellation, is recognized as a collectors item honoring the late British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. The stamp was issued today at Fulton, Missouri for it was there, in 1946, that Sir Winston made his famous "Iron Curtain" speech. Today is also the 25th anniversary of Mr. Churchill's "blood, toil, tears and sweat" speech to the House of Commons when he was called to the premiership. It was his destiny to lead Great Britain through the cruelest war in history and to win against hopeless odds ... Death came to Sir Winston on January 24, 1965; in a sense, however, the word "death" does seem meaningless as Winston Churchill had already become immortal in his lifetime.

Might I suggest that you save this very valuable collectors item ... keep it with the best wishes and compliments of all of us here at Applebaum Tag & Label Company.


Walter H. Sands

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